2002 Player Transactions


Protected players for the 2003 Season: Portland - K. Harvey, A. Mehusse; Los Angeles - J. Duchsherer; New England - K. Leskanic; ; Tacoma - X. Nady; River City - S. Downs, R. Freel; Jerusalem - G. Meche

6/8/2019 - Motor City Kitties sends Rondell White and their 4th round selection in the 2003 draft for Russell Rowdies Jose Hernandez.

6/8/2019 - Algonquin Rolling Thunder acquires Russell Rowdies Rondell White for Algonquin's 4th round pick in 2003

6/10/2019  LA Mafia trade Mike Lincoln, Scott Strickland and LA #5 pick in 2002 to Hawaii for their 4th round pick in 2002.

6/11/2019 - Rowdies trade Justin Duchsherer to the LA Mafia for a 4th Round pick in 2003 Draft.

6/17/2019 - Los Angeles Mafies agrees to trade Cliff Politte to Hawaiian for their 2003 4th round pick.

6/17/2019 - Los Angeles Mafia agrees to trade its  #2 and #3 picks in 2002 to the Portland Mafia for Portlands  2002 #1 (pick 16) it previously acquired from LA  on 1/29/2019.

6/21/2019 -The Los Angeles Mafia trades its #1 pick in the 2002 draft and #1 pick in the 2003 draft for Portland's #1 in 02.

6/28/2019 - Portland Beavers trades their acquired Cortusi Saints round 2 pick in 2002 draft for the Los Angeles Mafia round 2 pick in 2003 draft.

7/9/2019 -St. Paul Express trades Andy Ashby to the California River Cats for Zach Day.  

7/9/2019 -Sacramento Mad Dogs trades Hee Sop Choi, Rob Bell and it’s 2003 5th round pick to the Portland Beavers for Angel Berroa, Pat Mahomes and Portland’s 2003 5th round pick.

7/9/2019 -Portland Beavers trades Redding and a 3rd and 5th round pick in the 2003 draft for C. Everett to the Sunnydale Slayers.

7/9/2019 -Portland Beavers trade Reboulet and its 2003 6th round pick to the Los Angeles Mafia for Jesus Colome.

7/11/2019 -Portland Beavers trade R. Mondesi to the Hawaii Cereal Killer for Tino Martinez 

7/15/209 -  Portland Beavers trades its 2003 1st Round pick  and LA Mafia 2nd Round pick, P.  Wilson, and Lecroy to the Kansas City Monarchs for Andruw Jones, Wiki Gonzalez and the Kansas City  4th Round  draft pick in 2003.