1974 Player Transactions

1974 Player Transactions (29 March 2005)


10 December 2004

     Alberta Clippers trade Hal Breeden to the Mudville Nine for C. Robinson and Mudville’s #4 pick (#63) in 1974 draft.

12 December 2004

     Alberta Clippers trade Hank Aaron and Alberta’s #5 (#70) pick in 1974 draft to the Mt. Sinai Maulers for T. Agee and their #2 pick (#29) in 1974.

12 December 2004

     Alberta Clippers trade Fred Beene and Dave Johnson to the Chelsea Chantelopes for M. Strahler and M. Sadek and their #1 pick (#9) in 1974 draft.

28 January 2005

     Granite State Minutemen trade George Scott to the Mt. Sinai Maulers for Ted Sizemore and the Maulers 2st round pick (#13) in the 1974 draft.

29 January 2005

     Mt. Sinai Maulers trade Vada Pinson to the Zimmer Weiners for Horace Clarke.

30 January 2005

     Cranston Yankees trade Jerry Morales to the Mudville Nine for catcher Bob Montgomery and Mudville’s 2ndround (#31) draft pick in the 1974 draft.

17 March 2005

    Fenway Flamethrowers have traded their third round pick in 1974 (#33) to Mudville Nine for Buzz Capra.

18 March 2005

    Fenway Flamethrowers trade their 2ndand 3rdround picks in 1975 to the Alberta Clippers for pick #22 and #29 in the 2ndround of the 1974 draft.

29 March 2005

    Mt. Sinai sends their 1974 5th round pick (#77) to Chelsea for Davey Johnson (2B).

2 May 2005

    Mudville Nine trades

Uncarded Players retained for 1975 Season:

Jerusalem:  Gorman Thomas, Otto Velez, Bill Stein

Granite State: Gary Nolan

Fenway:  Rico Carty, Peter Broberg

Alberta: Brett Strom, A Garrett

Cranston: Wayne Granger

Russell:  Larry Biittner, Larry Gura